Building a new home in Durham, NC and surrounding areas? Considering an addition? New construction projects are always exciting. There’s so much potential. There’s also a lot of decisions and details to consider. While a long list of priorities requires your attention, don’t overlook the importance of the HVAC system. Heating and cooling should never be an afterthought. By thinking ahead, catering to the specifics of the home, and fulfilling your preferences, Hays Heating and Air Conditioning Inc ensures a result you’ll be totally happy with today and down the road.
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Efficient New Construction HVAC Services

There is too much room for error and too high of consequences to try out an unproven HVAC contractor. Substandard equipment, incorrect sizing, and improper installation procedures increase the risk of energy waste, higher running costs, inferior comfort, frequent malfunction, and premature system failure. These headaches are easily avoided by experience. Over our 26 years in the industry, we at Hays Heating and Air Conditioning Inc have accumulated the skills and resources to quickly and smoothly achieve your goals.

For new construction HVAC installation, call on Hays Heating and Air Conditioning Inc!

No matter the design intricacies of your plan, Hays Heating and Air Conditioning Inc meets them with customized solutions. Our in-house sheet metal fabrication shop enables us to tailor the build of any kind or layout of ductwork. By eliminating middlemen we keep costs down, avoid delays, and uphold our exacting standards. Get in touch with us at (919) 471-8020 to go over options and hear about the latest innovations in heating and cooling. From temperature control to indoor air quality, we overlook nothing. Family-owned and operated, Hays Heating and Air Conditioning Inc is the right choice for new construction HVAC services across Durham, Chapel Hill, Carrboro, Hillsborough, Efland, Mebane, Rougemont & Timberlake, NC.

New Construction for Commercial Installation

When you’re working on a new commercial construction, you know that the HVAC system is one of the most vital aspects of the building. People cannot work effectively without clean air and a comfortable climate. If your new commercial construction is to host a profitable business, make sure that you don’t make a costly mistake by trying to cut corners in ways that could be much more expensive later.

First and most importantly, choose your HVAC installer well. There are some key differences between residential and commercial HVAC units and their installation. At Hays Heating and Air Conditioning Inc, we get it right the first time. We understand how to evaluate the climate requirements of your space, and will suggest and advise you on choosing an appropriate system. We have extensive experience working with all the major brands of commercial HVAC systems.

Next, we are scrupulous about our installations. A sloppy install can cause endless trouble down the line; trouble that’s often tough to track back to the cause. Our highly-trained technicians take the time to do the job correctly. During installation, we will coordinate closely with your other contractors to avoid problems or complications.

Finally, we offer outstanding continuing maintenance services to all our commercial customers. With regular check-ups and tune-ups, we can find and identify any developing problems, keep your HVAC system working at peak energy efficiency, and save you money over time.

Your new commercial construction depends on its HVAC system for a clean, comfortable, and safe environment within its walls. With so much at stake, don’t take chances on an unknown. Hays Heating and Air Conditioning Inc is reliable, dependable, with a sterling reputation for excellence. Turn to Hays Heating and Air Conditioning Inc, and you won’t have to worry about your HVAC system again.

New Construction for Residential Installation

Building new homes means you have to keep on top of endless details. Construction is a complex, complicated process, with decisions necessary every step of the way. While the home’s layout and amenities provide curb appeal, savvy buyers know that the most important thing is to “look under the hood.”

A home’s HVAC system is perhaps the most important part of the construction. An improperly designed system, or one that’s poorly chosen, or incorrectly installed, can cause more misery and waste more money than any other part of a home. Improperly sized or calibrated or installed units will lead to excessively large energy bills, and probably break down or need replacement parts much sooner than necessary.

At Hays Heating and Air Conditioning Inc, we’re experts in residential HVAC systems. We have years of experience choosing and installing new construction home HVAC systems. Whatever design challenges your plan presents, we can design an HVAC system that will provide the right heating, cooling, air filtration, and humidity control that you need. We will go over all the options with you, and be sure that you get the right unit for your home.

We will work with and coordinate with your other contractors to ensure that installation goes smoothly. You’ve got too many other details to worry about. Let Hays Heating and Air Conditioning Inc take care of the HVAC system, and you can cross one more thing off your list.

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What a great experience! I called Hays and the office staff was so accommodating and friendly. They communicated clearly professionally. The technician called me about 30 min before arriving, quickly diagnosed the issue and have me a clear understanding of the issue. My unit was back up and running within 30 minutes.

Kristal J.

On the recommendation of a friend, I called Hay’s for my spring a/c maintenance. The service was great. The technician was pleasant and helpful. For once, I didn’t feel like a heating and air company was trying to take advantage of me. Pricing was very reasonable. I will definitely use them

Sarah M.

Several of my HVAC units were struggling to cool given the 95+ degree temperatures. I called Hay’s and they sent Brad out to see what was going on. Hay’s installed the HVAC units 15 years ago. Brad wore a mask. He cleaned all of our units and added refrigerant. Brad worked swiftly and efficiently.

Doug H.

Brad was AMAZING!!! When our air conditioner stopped working last night, we were worried that it would be days before someone would be out to look at it. We woke up and the house was 10 degrees warmer than when we went to bed. We were told that someone would be out at noon…

Kristin W.

What can I say about Hay’s? The professionals who work there, from Rosemary to Jeff, the technician, are amazing people. Management is doing an outstanding job with everything. I highly recommend this company. They not only deliver on their high quality service, but…

Anna K.

The Hay’s Heating & Air Conditioning company has always been Johney on the spot as to getting someone out quickly as needed, made the repair or ordered the part. The serviceman also kept me informed of what repairs were made and service was done on their visit.

John T.

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