Commercial HVAC Maintenance

Business owners know that they can’t afford to miss even one day from preventable HVAC systems problems, so we at Hay’s HVAC offer our own meticulous, affordable and reliable Commercial Service and Maintenance Contracts.

Our Commercial HVAC team will maintain and service your system, and will be able to offer advice in case an upgrade is appropriate. We will be there when you need us, with our team of experts, to assess and correct the problem. We provide expert repair on all major brands/models/systems of commercial HVAC. We’re fast and precise, whether it’s just a small part that needs replacing, or an entire new system. If your business is running on an old HVAC system, a newer, more energy-efficient system may save money in the long run. We will present options, and work within your needs.

If you do decide to upgrade your commercial HVAC system, we can work with you to choose from the more energy-efficient models/systems available now. Our prices are always very competitive, and you will never pay for something you don’t need. We’re a family run and operated business, and our honesty and reputation is our greatest asset. Preventive HVAC maintenance is a good investment in your company. A strong and predictive HVAC maintenance program is essential to ensure a healthy, comfortable and productive environment.

Our Commercial Service Contract includes monthly checks to ensure that your system is operating at peak efficiency. It keeps your system operating well for longer, keeps filters clear, and ultimately saves money. Commercial HVAC systems are complex, and like any machinery, needs proper maintenance. Small steps taken in time can prevent big expenses later. We provide Commercial HVAC service in Durham, NC – Commercial HVAC service in Chapel Hill, NC – Commercial HVAC service in Hillsborough, NC and Commercial HVAC service Chapel Hill, NC.

Here are just some of what we will inspect, check and adjust during our service visits:

  • Inspect the heat exchanger for cracks and soot
  • Adjust the flame for optimal efficiency
  • Check and clean burners
  • Check fan control and limit operations
  • Check and lubricate blower motor
  • Cycle and check thermostat for accuracy
  • Check and tighten all electrical connections
  • Check the operation for electric heat coils
  • Check operating Freon pressure
  • Check pilot assembly and flame sensor rod

Our equally meticulous cooling inspection includes:

  • Check operating Freon pressure
  • Clean and tighten all electrical connections
  • Inspect and clear condensation drain
  • Cycle and check thermostat for accuracy
  • Check and adjust fan belt where applicable
  • Check voltage and amperage to condensing unit
  • Test capacitor
  • Lubricate motor and moving parts
  • Check temperature difference

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