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Air Conditioning Repair in Durham, Chapel Hill and Hillsborough, North Carolina

Oh, no! AC just conked out? Don’t sweat it! Call Hay’s HVAC!

Hay’s HVAC Air Conditioning Repair and Replacement – We’re there when you need us.When you need your air conditioning repaired or replaced, you want it done right, done fast, and done to last. Especially here in Durham, NC, where being without your air conditioner can make you feel like the pig in a pig pickin’.

Hay’s HVAC Air Conditioning has the experience and reliability you can trust. We specialize in every aspect of air conditioning – installing, repairing and replacing both home and commercial units. We know every model and brand of air conditioning inside and out. Our expertly-qualified technicians have worked on them all. They are quick, precise and thorough. They get it done and get out, so you can relax and get out of the heat.

Air conditioning for your home.

Your home is your sanctuary – or it should be. But if it’s as hot and steamy inside as it is outside, it’s no relief at all. Once your AC gives out, nothing can make you comfortable. The first thing that comes to mind is probably what a nuisance this is. Can it be repaired? Will it be expensive? Do I need a new unit?

Don’t sweat it! Just give Hay’s HVAC a call, and fix yourself a sweet ice tea for while you wait. We offer same-day emergency service, so you don’t have to be uncomfortable for long.

Yes, that’s right – same-day service! Staff from our team of experts will be at your door before you know it. We’ll take a look, and can usually find and fix the problem right away.

Most problems can be fixed easily, but occasionally we may suggest you consider a new unit. We realize that this is an unexpected expense, and we only suggest this when it is truly the best option. If your unit is old, repair may be more expensive, and new units may be both more energy-efficient and more effective. But don’t worry! Our goal is to repair first, if possible. We will discuss all your options so you can make the right decision.

Home AC Replacement

If your AC unit is old, was installed poorly, or not properly maintained, replacing it with a new unit may make sense. A new unit will be more powerful, and more energy-efficient, saving you money in the long run. If you do decide to replace your unit, we will work with you to find the best brand and model for your needs and your budget. We will take a look at the size of your home, the number and size of windows, what direction they face, and more, to determine the right AC unit for you. A unit that is too small or too large will cost more. A too-small unit will be over-taxed and will fail quicker, while one that’s too large for your needs is simply a waste.

You want to make the right decision, and we want to make it easier. We know that a new AC unit isn’t something you were planning on. We accept all major credit cards and offer easy financing options. Our prices are competitive, but our insistence on quality never wavers. We live here, too. We know that that here in Durham, you can’t live with ceiling fans alone. We’ll get your home cool and comfortable before you know it.

Commercial Air Conditioning

Your business can’t afford to take a break when your AC does. We get it — we are a business, too. We know that every minute your AC is down costs you money. We’ll get there fast and get you up and running again in no time.


Whether at home or business, the best policy is to schedule regular air conditioning maintenance. We will check your unit, clean the filters, and make sure that it’s running smoothly. Regular maintenance will save you money by ensuring that your unit is running efficiently, and avoid more costly repair.

Tax Credits and Rebates

We proudly work with your local energy company to offer a rebate program to our clients. When you replace an older AC unit with a newer, more energy-efficient one, you will save money on your utility bill and may even receive a rebate. We work closely with the government’s Energy Star Program and can help guide you to qualify for those tax credits. Call us today for more information on how these money-saving programs work.


At Hay’s HVAC Air Conditioning, we work with the top-rated brands in the country. We are trained and equipped to install and repair any of the following brands: Rheem, Lennox, Coleman, Ruud, York, Whirlpool, American Standard, Westinghouse, Tempstar, Trane, Amana, Honeywell, Carrier and Goodman. Even if your brand is not on this list, call us to see what we can do for you.

Don’t sweat it! Call Hay’s HVAC AC Repair and Replacement, and stay cool.

Hay’s HVAC specializes in air conditioning repair and service. 10 Point Cooling Inspection

  • Check Operating Freon Pressures
  • Clean and tighten all electrical connections
  • Inspect and clear condensation drain
  • Cycle and check thermostat for accuracy
  • Check and adjust fan belt where applicable
  • Change voltage and amperage to condensing unit
  • Test capacitor
  • Lubricate motor and moving parts
  • Check temperature difference

We repair and install air conditioning systems such as all these Trane models: Contact Us for a No Obligation Quote »